Health & Safety Policy

Our commitment to health, safety and welfare

We work hard at maintaining our safety record by working with all of our stakeholders and are always looking for ways to improve.

At HallmarkFIX, we place a great deal of importance on ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all of our employees, and our customers.

With much of our work being carried out in a public place, whether it’s an office or a warehouse, Health & Safety is always at the forefront of our minds. Minimising risks to people, plant and products is an absolutely essential part of what we do.

HallmarkFIX is committed to:
  • The continual improvement of our Health & Safety performance.
  • Complying with all our regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our Health & Safety management system.
We seek to achieve this through:
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and method statements – ensuring that we understand current and future Health & Safety risks of the business to strive to reduce to a minimum all accidents and incidents.
  • Involvement of people – ensuring the full involvement of all staff in the success of the organisation’s Health & Safety performance, and prioritising the development of each individual’s own Health & Safety knowledge and skills to meet both the organisation’s goals, and their own.
  • Process Management – ensuring all key processes and associated resources are safely and effectively managed and maintained.
  • Supplier and sub-contractor relationships – ensuring that mutually beneficial relationships are developed and agreed goals achieved, including all issues relating to Health & Safety.

Health & Safety certification

We provide certification for two HSE regulations that are essential for the operators of manual handling equipment. Find out more about your responsibilities below and get in touch if you have any questions.