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At HallmarkFIX, we like to keep things simple. We know that dealing with different suppliers for everything is a hassle – that’s why we offer everything to do with pallet trucks under one roof.

Pallet trucks – otherwise known as pallet jacks or pump trucks – are the workhorses of factories, warehouses, and industrial sites of all kinds. You use them every day, and you barely think about them – until they break down.

And if they do? Well, it’s a headache for a while, particularly if you’re busy. But then you just buy a new one. Right?

Don't bin it – repair it!

While buying a new truck is generally pretty cheap, it can actually be as much as four times more expensive than getting them repaired.

Over the years, that will really add up. It’s also quite bad for the environment, too.

Everything you need

As well as repairs, we can also carry out your annual service, and help you with certifications. If you do need a new truck, we can help you out with a hire, or a great deal in our shop.

Repair and Recycle

Affordable repairs mean it's much cheaper than new!

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Annual services with lower rates for larger fleets.

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Great deals and a three-year warranty when you buy new.

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