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Month: November 2014



HallmarkFIX Exhibitionists!

Giving a great service, saving companies large amounts of money whilst helping the environment is all very well but how do you get the message out there?  HallmarkFIX were one of 53 exhibitors at the Stockport Business Expo held at Stockport FC where nearly 350 visitors attended.  Many of the exhibitors were offering business consultancy, […]

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Pallet Truck Price Rise

Pallet Truck Price Increase

On 22nd April 2013 the EU imposed new import duties on hand pallet trucks entering the UK.  This will result in a significant price increase on pump trucks; making the concept of service and repair a more cost effective option than before. With an average repair cost at around a third of that of a […]

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Growing Business

Growing or Growing Business?

Garden centres, plant nurseries and other horticultural establishments are increasingly using manual pallet trucks to work alongside their trolleys, trucks and other manual handling equipment for lifting and moving plants and stock. Often spending a lot of time outdoors, pump trucks used in garden centres and other growing businesses can soon suffer from exposure to […]

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Pallet Truck for Printers

Pallet Trucks for Printers

Pallet Trucks for Security Printers Some years ago HallmarkFIX were asked to repair a couple of pallet trucks for a large printer with locations across the country. On completion of a good job, we were asked to service and maintain the entire fleet in two locations including hand pallet trucks, high lift pallet trucks, mobile […]

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