Month: March 2019


Pallet Truck Build Quality

Pallet Truck Build Quality – Good or Bad?

It can be very difficult when looking at a website or catalogue to assess the build quality of a hand pallet truck.  Is it good or bad?  If it’s only going to be used rarely, run over perfect floors and dusted down regularly it hardly matters. Unfortunately, the reality is usually somewhat different! Hand Pallet […]

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Pallet truck Capacity SWL

Pallet Trucks – Safe Working Load (SWL)

Typically, a hand pallet truck has a safe working load of 2000kgs to 2500kgs.  This is easily sufficient for most operations.  A full pallet usually weighs less than 1200kgs and even that takes a lot of effort to pull!   If you’ve ever tried moving a loaded hand pallet truck you’re probably wondering how on earth […]

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Low profile pallet trucks

Pallet trucks – Low, Standard or High Profile?

Most pallets are designed to allow a standard pallet truck to pass comfortably underneath.  The pallet can then be lifted clear of the floor and moved to another position.  Here at HallmarkFIX we consider these to be standard pallets, regardless of what they are made from.  Of course not all pallets are standard and so […]

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Fork Dimensions Icon

Hand Pallet Trucks – Size Matters!

Pallet trucks come with many fork sizes.  The first thought should be for how stable the load will be with the size you’re looking at.  The forks need to cover the length of the pallet without sticking out, if they’re to provide maximum stability.  For this reason, at least two thirds of the pallet length […]

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