Month: August 2022


Are all pallet trucks the same?

Are all pallet trucks the same?  That’s an interesting question.  The short answer is no but that requires some explanation.  In the same way that cars, smart phones and any other mass produced equipment differs between manufacturers, so do pallet trucks. You’ll get what you pay for If you invest in an expensive German car you’ll […]

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Measure twice, cut once.

How long does a pallet truck last?

How long does a pallet truck last?  Now, there’s a question!  It could be weeks, months or years.  It all depends on three key issues.  What’s the working environment?  Will it be maintained?  What about build quality? What’s the working environment? Working in a light, clean, dry environment you can expect it to last a […]

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How to fix a pallet truck?

How to fix a pallet truck?  The clue’s in our name!  HallmarkFIX have been fixing pallet trucks since 1997.  Across England and Wales and parts of Scotland we’ve been saving companies money. Pallet truck repair – it just works! Hassle free repairs are what we do.  It’s why we’re here alhough we also service pallet […]

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No hassle

Pallet trucks. How often to service?

Pallet trucks. How often to service? This is an interesting question.  The simple answer is; in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  This is generally every 12 months but more often in some cases. Applications requiring more regular servicing If the trucks are to be used in multi-shift operation, wet conditions, cold stores or any other arduous […]

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Buying cheap pallet trucks

Buying cheap pallet trucks seems to be a popular option but is it wise?  As a leader in the field of pallet truck repair we regularly receive calls from companies who have bought on price.  This can be for the cheapest new truck they could find or a secondhand unit from an auction. Cheap new […]

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