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Month: March 2021


Silent pallet truck

Bringing Pallet Trucks out of Lockdown

Bringing pallet trucks out of lockdown may appear to be straight forward.  In reality, it could prove to cause severe problems with large retailers who have been shut for an extended period. What’s the problem? Pallet trucks use both mechanical and hydraulic functions to carry out their job.  In the loading bay of many large […]

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UKCA Marking replaces CE Marking

UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking replaces CE marking now that the UK has left the EU.  From 1st January 2021 most new equipment sold in Great Britain must display a UKCA mark. A CE mark is however still valid for new equipment until 31st December 2021. What a UKCA mark means In the context of […]

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Pallet trucks ready for scrapping

Is pallet truck repair worth the effort?

Is pallet truck repair worth it?  This question is asked this quite often, the latest request sums it up rather nicely. ‘We have about a dozen damaged pallet trucks in total with a range of different issues and I’m just trying to work out if it’s worth the hassle.’ One answer would be a simple […]

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Is homeworking efficient? We believe so but…

Is homeworking efficient?  Working from home is now commonplace but does it work?  The answer to a great extent must lie with the attitude of the individuals concerned.  For HallmarkFIX, a small company with just 5 office based staff, the transition was fairly easy.  Planning for home working started with the tanker drivers strike in […]

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No hassle

The HSE PUWER Regulations have Changed

Overview The HSE PUWER Regulations changed from an annual requirement into a Risk Assessment based system on January 1st 2021.  The implications of this are really quite interesting.  Fundamentally, it confirms that safe use of the equipment entails regular service and repair, in addition to inspection.  This change can be viewed on the Health & […]

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