Pallet Trucks – Buy Now, Pay Later!

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Pallet trucks – buy now, pay later!  No, this isn’t a convenient but expensive way of buying pallet trucks, in fact it’s exactly the opposite!

Measure twice, cut once.

New Truck Sales

There are literally hundreds of companies offering to supply pallet trucks and not surprisingly, they all speak very highly of their products.

If we’re asked to quote for a new pallet truck we’re happy to do so but we only sell equipment that we have confidence in.  This is a relatively small number and as they’re more expensive than many of our competitors, we sell relatively few.


Our business is based to a large part on repairs.  This is a bit of a conundrum because if we sell better trucks that require fewer repairs, we’re potentially reducing our revenue!

However, we do believe in offering the best possible advice to our customers, whether they choose to follow it is their decision.  In fairness, we have many customers who are extremely pleased they did but many more who didn’t!

Service & Certification

Regular servicing in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation will help extend the truck working life.  In the long term it will save money.  Crucially, it also the basic requirement of the HSE PUWER Regulations.

Over to You

So there we are.  Buy now and pay for more repairs later or bite the bullet and pay a little more but save in the long term; and keep downtime to a minimum.

What our customers say

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