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Pallet Truck Service Contracts

Pallet truck service contracts are not a new idea but are they really necessary?  There are basically three options; service only packages, full maintenance contracts or no contract at all.  Here we discuss the relative merits of each Full Maintenance Contract As the name suggests, everything is included; service, certification and repairs.  Costs can be […]

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Pallet trucks ready for scrapping

Saving Money on Pallet Trucks

Saving money on pallet trucks may be easier than you think.  There are three alternatives. Buy new A few minutes searching on Google will identify a huge range of prices.  If you’re of the opinion that all pallet trucks are the same then you’ll probably go for the cheapest price you can find.  Maybe you’ll […]

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Hassle Free Pallet Truck Repair

Hassle free pallet truck repair is something that an increasing number of companies are enjoying.  We make it as easy and as simple as we can by following the following steps. Stage 1 Make contact with us on 0161 272 1900 or email and explain who you are, where you are and what needs […]

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Low Profile Pallet Truck

Semi-Powered Pallet Trucks – Asset or Liability?

Semi-Powered Pallet Trucks – Asset or Liability?  Semi-powered pallet trucks are not a new concept, some fork truck manufacturers have been selling them for decades.  Recently though,  they’ve become readily available as low cost imports have been offered online. Are they a good investment? The answer to this is simple.  A high performance Italian car […]

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We Repair Pallet Trucks

We repair pallet trucks, in fact we repair any hand pallet truck (if its repairable)!  Every year, thousands of hand pallet trucks are scrapped unecessarily.  Sometimes it’s because companies are unaware that specialist repair companies exist.  Often it’s because fork truck suppliers find it easier to sell a new one! Any make, any model Some […]

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Calling all Pallet Truck Engineers

Calling all pallet truck engineers.  An opportunity for pallet truck engineers to build their customer base now exists. How does it work? For the last 25 years HallmarkFIX have been working with experienced pallet truck engineers to exceed the expectations of our customers and sub-contractors.  Our clients are pump truck users from multi-nationals to small […]

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Service Level Update

We continue to monitor the situation with a goal of keeping the risk of infection to a minimum.  Whilst Covid-19 continues we are happy to follow whatever extra measures devolved goverment or our customers have in place. Our administrative staff continue to work from home but this has no impact on the speed of our […]

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Pallet Truck Maintenance for Facilities Managers

Pallet truck maintenace is not always included in the role of a Facilities Manager.  We believe it should it be – for several good reasons.  The role of an FM manager is not easy but with reliable, trustworthy sub-contractors it can be extremely satisfying. Who looks after the pallet truck fleet now? The engineering department?  […]

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Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Pallet Trucks in Clean Rooms

Pallet trucks in clean rooms and other sterile areas are unlikely to experience intensive usage.  This does not however eliminate the need for regular servicing or certification.  In common with any mechanical or hydraulic equipment, preventative maintenance pays dividends.  These statements are likely to apply equally to laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers. Stainless Steel […]

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Pallet Trucks used by Manufacturers

Pallet trucks used by manufacturers in any industry, require regular service and repair.   Essential equipment for the operatives tasked with using them, productivity can drop alarmingly if they’re not available. Does it Matter? Hand pallet trucks are comparatively low cost items that are generally overlooked except by those who use them!  The reality is that […]

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