Do Engineers Scrap Pallet Trucks Unnecessarily?

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Do engineers scrap pallet trucks unnecessarily?  This interesting question was asked recently by a large user of pallet trucks.

Does it depend on who is doing the work?

Fork truck engineers are trained to work on sophisticated equipment.  Consequently they have high charge out rates.  It’s therefore unlikely that they can effect a cost effective repair on a humble hand pallet truck.

What about the supplier?

  • A fork truck supplier may well feel it better to encourage the engineer to suggest a replacement rather than a repair.
  • A pallet truck retailer will also be looking for a sale.  However, they may also offer repairs but still prefer new sales.
  • A pallet truck repair company focuses on repair, service and certification.  This is their business.


Are we alone in preferring to repair a truck rather than sell a new one?  Probably not but we are unusual!

  • Repairs are typically less than half of the cost of a good new truck.
  • Upon completion the truck will have been repaired, serviced and re-certified.
  • Costs are capped so if it’s not cost effective, we’ll suggest you buy a new one.

What if I still need a new truck?

  • Our engineers do NOT receive a bonus for selling trucks.
  • We only sell top end equipment so if you prefer to buy elsewhere that’s fine by us.
  • A quick search on Google offers a bewildering array of new equipment.

You can buy on price or you can look deeply into the specification.  Whatever you do, we suggest you bookmark our website for future repairs and service.

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