Month: August 2021


Pallet Trucks used by Manufacturers

Pallet trucks used by manufacturers in any industry, require regular service and repair.   Essential equipment for the operatives tasked with using them, productivity can drop alarmingly if they’re not available. Does it Matter? Hand pallet trucks are comparatively low cost items that are generally overlooked except by those who use them!  The reality is that […]

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Exhibition Services and Pallet Trucks

The design, build and installation of event and exhibition services often requires non standard pallet trucks.  By their very nature they tend to cost more than standard equipment, a good maintenance plan is therefore essential.  Regular maintenance extends service life and reduces downtime. Pallet Truck Specification Longer forks, often with a narrower or wider spread […]

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broken pallet trucks

Pallet Trucks for Temporary Warehousing

Increasingly, logistics companies, parcel couriers, manufacturers, third party distributors and others need reliable pallet trucks for temporary warehousing. To meet fluctuations in demand at busy periods temporary warehousing can prove to be a viable option.  Lead times of one week from decision to operation are quoted by some of our customers.  This is achieved by […]

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