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Month: May 2019


Pallet Truck Inspection

What is Meant By a Pump Truck Inspection?

What is meant by a pump truck inspection?  How often should it be examined?  Is there a legal requirement as to how often it must be inspected and if so, what is it?  These are all valid questions.  First of all, let’s be clear what a pump truck is.  A pump truck, hand pallet truck […]

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Pallet Truck repairs and service across Manchesterr

We Offer Pump Truck Maintenance Across Manchester

We offer pump truck maintenance across Manchester.  This is a thriving city with busy industrial and service sectors and so there must be literally thousands of pump trucks in use.  What is surprising, is how few are repaired and how many are scrapped – for no good reason! We should know, we’ve been repairing, certifying […]

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How to repoair a pallet truck. Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

3 Ways to Repair a Broken Pump Truck

Another pump truck has failed.  That invaluable but often ignored piece equipment isn’t working.  What now?  There are 3 ways to repair a broken pump truck.  Put it to one side and buy a new one?  Ask Handy Andy to have a go at it?  Maybe get the fork truck engineer to take a look […]

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Cold store pallet trucks. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Using Pallet Trucks in a Cold Store

Using pallet trucks in a cold store with temperatures in the region of -30 degrees centigrade raises several issues.  Obviously this is a harsh environment for humans but they can be protected with warm clothing and regular breaks in ambient temperatures.  For pallet trucks it can be equally difficult but the solutions are quite different.  […]

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Maintenance Character

Pump Trucks and the Right to Repair

There’s a campaign gathering momentum called the ‘Right to Repair’.  It’s aimed at the consumer electrical appliance industry. Fundamentally it will force manufacturers to make goods that last longer and are easier to mend.  The aim is to stop waste by reducing the number of units that have to be thrown away.  The question is; […]

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Pallet Truck repairs and service across Manchesterr

Manchester Pallet Truck Repairs and Service

Manchester has many things to be proud of – a rich history, two major football teams and a vibrant economy.  It’s also home to HallmarkFIX; so that’s even more to celebrate!  For over 20 years we’ve been repairing, servicing and inspecting hand pallet trucks across the UK, not to mention selling them.  In that time […]

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