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Month: June 2022


No hassle

Pallet Truck Service Contracts

Pallet truck service contracts are not a new idea but are they really necessary?  There are basically three options; service only packages, full maintenance contracts or no contract at all.  Here we discuss the relative merits of each Full Maintenance Contract As the name suggests, everything is included; service, certification and repairs.  Costs can be […]

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Pallet trucks ready for scrapping

Saving Money on Pallet Trucks

Saving money on pallet trucks may be easier than you think.  There are three alternatives. Buy new A few minutes searching on Google will identify a huge range of prices.  If you’re of the opinion that all pallet trucks are the same then you’ll probably go for the cheapest price you can find.  Maybe you’ll […]

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Hassle Free Pallet Truck Repair

Hassle free pallet truck repair is something that an increasing number of companies are enjoying.  We make it as easy and as simple as we can by following the following steps. Stage 1 Make contact with us on 0161 272 1900 or email and explain who you are, where you are and what needs […]

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Low Profile Pallet Truck

Semi-Powered Pallet Trucks – Asset or Liability?

Semi-Powered Pallet Trucks – Asset or Liability?  Semi-powered pallet trucks are not a new concept, some fork truck manufacturers have been selling them for decades.  Recently though,  they’ve become readily available as low cost imports have been offered online. Are they a good investment? The answer to this is simple.  A high performance Italian car […]

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