Pallet Trucks and the Right to Repair

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There’s a campaign gathering momentum called the ‘Right to Repair’ which is aimed at the consumer electrical appliance industry. Fundamentally it will force manufacturers to make goods that last longer and are easier to mend.  The aim is to stop waste by reducing the number of units that have to be thrown away.  The question is; do hand pallet trucks carry the right to repair?

Pallet Trucks Repairs

Hand pallet trucks that last longer and are easy to mend have been around for a long time.  Of course they cost more to buy but repairs are cheaper than replacement, even with cheaper models.  They can be repaired by any competent person who has the correct training, equipment and spare parts but a word of warning!  It’s not as easy as you might think, so unless you’re sure of your skills we recommend calling in a HallmarkFIX engineer, after all we are a specialist pallet truck repair company.

Do it yourself

OK, so you still want to do it yourself. A suitable person is available, the necessary tools are assembled so all you need now are the spare parts. These can usually be sourced online but problems can occur with cheaper models, particularly where hydraulic seals are needed.  Unless the piston and cylinder are in good condition, no amount of new seals will help.  Of course if it doesn’t work, you can then ask us to come on site after all but at best it’s likely to cost more and at worst, the truck may need to be scrapped.

Is it worth repairing a pallet truck?

So, to answer our initial question, pallet trucks have always carried the right to repair but is it worth it?  Yes, providing you’re starting with a good quality unit, you employ a specialist repair company like HallmarkFIX or have someone who is totally competent to repair them.
Our advice is quite simple – buy a good quality unit, service it regularly and repair it as necessary. The result will be a lower lifetime cost and more profit straight to the bottom line!

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