Is pallet truck repair worth the effort?

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Is pallet truck repair worth it?  This question is asked this quite often, the latest request sums it up rather nicely. ‘We have about a dozen damaged pallet trucks in total with a range of different issues and I’m just trying to work out if it’s worth the hassle.’

One answer would be a simple ‘YES’ but let’s look a bit deeper.

What happens first?

Let us have your company details.  Tell us how many there are and when is a good time to visit.  When the engineer arrives, show him the trucks in a Covid safe area and leave him to it.  He has all the parts and tools he needs in his van.

We’ll then repair as many as possible, below an agreed price cap to keep costs down.  Where practical we’ll use parts off any scrap trucks.  You’ll be asked to sign a service report when the job’s complete.

We’ll invoice you a few days later and ask for immediate settlement.  Pay by BACS or we accept most major credit cards.  Account terms can usually be arranged for larger users.  So far so good.

Is it worth it?

Typically you’ll have a fleet of useable trucks for about a third of the price of new.  Maintained regularly (usually once a year), downtime will be kept to a minimum, the life of the trucks will be extended and you’ll be meeting the recently amended HSE PUWER requirements.  It’s looking even better.

What happens next?

We’ll keep in touch and after about 10 months we’ll recommend we return to site to service the fleet, repair any broken ones and ensure that they’re safe to use.  If you get any breakdowns in the meantime, just give us a call.

Now that’s hassle free!

So is pallet truck repair worth it?

The answer is a resounding YES!