Are all pallet trucks the same?

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Are all pallet trucks the same?  That’s an interesting question.  The short answer is no but that requires some explanation.  In the same way that cars, smart phones and any other mass produced equipment differs between manufacturers, so do pallet trucks.

You’ll get what you pay for

Are all pallet trucks the same? If you invest in an expensive German car you’ll assume that you’ll get a better vehicle that something costing half its price.  Let’s leave that analogy now and concentrate on pallet trucks.

It all depends what you want

If you’re only going to use the truck an hour or two a week, on perfect floors and in a dry environment you may be well advised to look at the cheaper end of the market.  If you’re looking for pallet trucks to work in a busy warehouse, possibly 24/7, then our advice would be to buy on quality, not on price.  That’s not to say that a higher price is a guarantee of good quality but it’s a starting point.  Wet, corrosive or cold stores may require more specialist equipment.

Build Quality

It’s virtually impossible to assess build quality from an online image or a photograph in a brochure.  Pallet truck quality varies dramatically and so assuming you need something that will stand up to the rigours of warehouse life, talk to a specialist company.  General equipment suppliers may be fine for lighter applications but will you get the advice you really need?


If you’re only using 1200mm x 1000mm pallets with 4 way entry, then a 1000mm long x 680mm over the forks may be best.  With 1200mm x 800mm pallets with 2 way entry, consider 1150mm x 540mm over.  For applications with several common pallet sizes, 1000mm x 540mm is often the best answer.  All dimensions are approximate and may vary between manufacturers.  Long, short, wide and narrow trucks are available for special pallets.


Regardless of what you buy or where you use it, regular servicing and repair as necessary is essential.  This will keep downtime to a minimum, extend the working life of the truck and keep costs to a minimum.

Are all pallet trucks the same?

Obviously not but to understand the difference you may need impartial advice from a company that focusses on repairs rather than selling them.  Take a look at our customer reviews and then call 0161 272 1900 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.