Semi-electric pallet and pump trucks

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Semi-electric pallet and pump trucks currently seem to be proving to be a big hit with the market.  Often they’re used on delivery vehicles to make the driver’s work a bit easier.  This is a great idea in theory but are they man enough for the job?

Semi-electric pallet and pump trucks – what they do

By using a battery pack and a small electric motor they take the effort out of moving the load.  Lifting the load is sill carried out by pumping a hydraulic unit with  the handle.

What they do they cost to buy?

They’re obviously more expensive than even the best hand pallet trucks but a lot cheaper than a fully powered truck.  They tend to be built with a keen eye on the selling price, rather than on producing a robust piece of kit.

Are they any good?

We get a lot of calls from companies who’ve bought them but now need repairs.  Our advice is always to talk to the seller but very often the response is that the supplier doesn’t provide back up.  Hence the reason for calling us.  Unfortunately, we don’t have confidence that we can support our customers to our usual high standards.  For this reason we are unable to help.

What are the alternatives?

A top notch manual hand pallet truck cost about half the price of a semi-electric.  With regular servicing and repairs as necessary, manual trucks  should last for many, many years.  Some fully powered pallet trucks are far more robust than the semi-electrics and should prove to be a better alternative if electric power is essential.  However, they cost several thousands of pounds.

Are they all the same?

Manufactured by a small number of companies and then badged with many different names, there’s no question that some are better than others.  Critically, we suggest you investigate if the seller provides on site repairs both in and out of warranty.  Without it, you may struggle to keep them running.  On the othe hand, would you be better off buying top class hand pallet trucks?

What our customers say

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