Maintain your pallet trucks

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Maintain your pallet trucks for optimum performance of those tireless workhorses in the warehouse.   Always available, we expect them to do exactly what we want them to do but when they do go wrong, it’s usually at the most inconvenient time!  Is there an answer?  Yes, regular maintenance involving on site servicing and hassle free repair.

Keep downtime to a minimum

After a service they function better, they’re easier to pull, they pump up more efficiently.  It’s a bit like having a car serviced.  It feels smoother, more responsive, more controlled.  Minor repairs are included so faults can be fixed before the truck fails completely.  Forget downtinme, think uptime!

What does pallet truck maintenance involve?

Maintain your pallet trucks We’ll inspect the trucks thoroughly.  Broken wheels, worn bearings, leaking seals and even loose handles will be identified and can be repaired before we leave site.  If they’re beyond economical repair we’ll tell you.  You can then buy a new one; from us or elswhere, the choice is yours.

PUWER Regulations

The story doesn’t end with a service and repairs though.  Pallet trucks are covered by the HSE PUWER Regulations.  This means that they should be serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  That’s at least once a year, more often in arduous or intensive applications.

When the job is done you’ll have a PUWER certificate to prove that they’re safe to use and before the next service is due, we’ll contact you to let you know.

What our customers say

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