Hand Pallet Trucks – Size Matters!

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Pallet trucks come with many fork sizes.  The first thought should be for how stable the load will be with the size you’re looking at.  The forks need to cover the length of the pallet without sticking out, if they’re to provide maximum stability.  For this reason, at least two thirds of the pallet length must be supported, more if possible.  The same applies to the width, the truck needs to be as wide as possible to stop the load falling sideways.  So yes, even with pallet trucks – size matters!

Pallet Types

There are two main pallet designs in use in the UK.  Firstly, the traditional British pallet aka the blue GKN pallet and secondly the Euro pallet.  The GKN pallet measures 1200mm x 1000mm, the Euro pallet 1000mm x 800mm.  Both these pallets only require standard pallet trucks.

Larger or smaller pallets may require different solutions but fortunately help is at hand.  With pump trucks from very short to very long and very narrow to very wide, HallmarkFIX has the answer!

Hand Pallet Truck Sizes

For the ‘GKN’ pallet the most appropriate fork length is 1000mm if entry is required from both sides or 1150mm if only the narrower side will be entered.  In either event, 680mm over the forks (outside edge to outside edge) will give maximum load stability.

For a Euro pallet 1150mm long forks with a width over of 520mm or 540mm will be the best option.

We recommend 1150mm x 540mm forks if you’re handling both these pallet types.

All these sizes are classed as standard pallet trucks.

Non-standard Pallets

Not all pallets are standard size though!  Undersize pallets may require narrower or shorter forks e.g. printer’s pallets.  Oversize pallets will need longer or wider fork dimensions.  Pallets which have solid bases will need the pump truck to pass through with the load wheels resting outside the pallet.  Special pallet trucks are available for these pallets.

Bespoke Pallet Trucks

Long, short, wide and narrow fork specifications are readily available as ex-stock ‘special’ sizes.  Bespoke models can normally be completed within a matter of weeks from receipt of order.


It’s not rocket science but using the right tool for the job is always good advice.  Whatever your pallet truck requirement, HallmarkFIX can help.  Call 0161 272 1900 today to discuss your requirement.  Whether it’s an off the shelf truck or an out and out special, we’re here to help, across the UK mainland.