How do you fix a pallet truck that won’t lift?

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For an experienced hydraulics engineer this should present no problems whatsoever.  All it needs is somewhere safe to work, the correct tools and necessary parts.  If this is you, then you need read no further.

You Tube Videos

There’s a host of these showing what appear to be simple tasks, like bleeding the system or topping up the oil to complex operations like a total reseal.  Now, source some hydraulic fluid and the correct seals, assemble your tools, find somewhere safe to work on the truck with your phone/laptop handy to refer to as necessary and off you go.

Phone a Friend

Maybe Handy Andy can help.  A quick phone call to your best mate and he assures you that he can do it.  After all, how difficult can it be?  So refer to the last sentence in the previous section and cross your fingers!

If you choose one of these options may we respectfully point out
  • we regurlarly receive requests for help where someone has tried the repair themselves and failed
  • it often costs more to call us in later to undo what’s been done in error
  • time spent trying to repair a pallet truck is time NOT spent on your own business

So how do you fix a pallet truck that won’t lift?

Call in the pallet truck professionals

Pallet truck repair is our business.  It’s what we’re good at.  We guess you’re good at your business.  It’s unlikely we could do what you do.

If we need to do something we don’t really know about, we buy in the expertise.  Doesn’t it make sense for you to do the same?

Pallet trucks are basic work tools.  They are simple to use and essential bits of kit in many businesses but they’re more complex than they may appear.  They’re built to be used and abused but things do go wrong.  Repairs will be necessary a some point.  Fact.  We repair any make or model of manual pallet truck.

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