Is pallet truck repair worthwhile?

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We investigate some of the myths about pallet truck repair.

Myth #1  It’s too much hassle

We only require details of where the trucks are and who to invoice.  The engineer will then need a designated area to work.  Well, that’s easy!

Myth #2   It’s too expensive

If a repair costs more than about 50% of the cost of a quality unit, we’ll recommend you scrap it.  You’re then free to buy one from us or elswhere.  Well, that’s fair enough.

Myth #3   It’s cheaper to buy secondhand

Ask yourself, ‘Would you sell a perfectly good truck?’.  Maybe you’re just buying somebody else’s problems.  Well, that’s a thought.

Myth #4.    I can buy a new one for not much more

Possibly but is it any good?  How long will it last before you need to buy another one?  Is the warranty for parts only?   Well, how do I know?

Myth 5.   It’s only for companies with large fleets

Whilst we’re happy to work on large fleets, many customers only have one or two trucks.  Well, that’s reassuring.


With 25 years of experience of working with companies large and small, we’ve proved our answers many times.   We’ve also proved that buying good quality trucks, servicing them regularly and repairing them as necessary is the best alternative.  It’s cheaper in the long term.

Pallet trucks are workhorses.  They’re used and abused on a regular basis.  They’re often forgotten and neglected.  Good quality trucks are designed to withstand the rigours of the workplace.  Wheels can be replaced, hydraulic pumps can be resealed and trigger mechanisms repaired.  The net result is savings, savings, savings.

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