Low Cost Pump Trucks

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Does buying a low cost pump truck really offer full value for money?

Take a brief look through the many suppliers, from stationers to janitorial supplies, catalogue or web site and invariably there will be a section on material handling which consists of one standard low cost pallet truck.

It might be tempting to just order one of these, after all ‘aren’t all pump trucks the same?’ Unfortunately the answer to this is no!

The majority of these low cost pump trucks are imported and paid for in Dollars so the only way to keep the price low is to cut costs in manufacturing. This leads to a poorer quality pallet truck which in turn means a shorter working life and therefore less value for the money paid.

Paying a little more for your truck or sourcing it from a European manufacturer could mean saving money further down the line. These pallet trucks tend to be more robust and have a full parts back up. Imported trucks of unknown manufacture often do not have spares available from the seller of the truck so once it is out of warranty (if it has one) the most common solution to a break down is, ‘buy a new one’.

HallmarkFIX makes the case that repairs are always better value that replace so spending a little more time (and money) when selecting a new pallet truck is worthwhile in the long run. Call our team to discuss the truck options we offer or ask about the brand you are thinking of buying.

Remember a good quality pump truck, fully maintained and serviced regularly could last 10 years or more.