Pallet Truck Maintenance for Facilities Managers

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Pallet truck maintenace is not always included in the role of a Facilities Manager.  We believe it should it be – for several good reasons.  The role of an FM manager is not easy but with reliable, trustworthy sub-contractors it can be extremely satisfying.

Who looks after the pallet truck fleet now?

The engineering department?  Is this really the best use of an expensive engineers time?

The warehouse management team?  Do they have the relevant expertise?

The facilities management team?  Skilled at working with sub-contractors, are they the best option?

FM – Supporting Productivity & Efficiency

This is fundamental to the FM’s role just as pallet trucks are fundamental to the smooth running of the warehouse.  Pallet trucks are often the workhorses of the operation.  As with so many things, regular servicing reduces downtime and assists with the smooth running of the company.

FM – Supporting Compliance

Pallet trucks are included in the HSE PUWER Regulations but not LOLER.  The trucks should therefore be maintained in line with the manufacturers/importers recommendations.  In normal applications this means an annual service, in arduous conditions, more frequently.

FM – Supporting Cost Reduction

The FM department often has one of the biggest budgets in the company.  This responsibility brings with it the opportunity to direct affect the bottom line.  Regular maintenance of good quality trucks is cheaper than buying new in the long term.


Facilities Managers are key to the smooth running of large organisations, even though they may not always feel that that is recognised!  It is a job that requires multiple skills to ensure that adequate support is given right across the company

Pallet truck maintenance is an area where using those skills could bring fast payback.  HallmarkFIX specialise in pallet truck maintenance.  It’s what we do, so we do it well.

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