Saving Money

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I had my car serviced last week. There was nothing wrong with it as far as I knew, it was performing just like it always does – or so I thought.

I soon learnt that two of the tyres would soon need replacement which I may not have noticed. The brake pads needed changing and one of the wheel bearings wouldn’t last till the next service. None of it needed doing immediately but it seemed sensible to get it all done now.  After all, the garage collected the car from my place of work and returned it the same day.

Repair now – save later

The alternative was to save a few pounds now but run the risk of breakdown (probably at the worst possible moment). I’d probably forget to replace the tyres until I realised how foolish I’d been.  Finally I’d end up paying for unnecessary repairs which would only make the decision appear even less rational!

When I got back in it however it felt different; smoother, more responsive, crisper, almost as if I was driving a new car. I now knew it was now good for another few thousand miles.

The Humble Pallet Truck

It’s the same with any equipment, even that much abused, oft forgotten workhouse the pallet truck.  Here at HallmarkFIX, for over 20 years we’ve been proving that regular maintenance really does save money.  Removing tape from around the wheels, adjusting the chain linkage, checking the hydraulic oil and carrying out necessary repairs reduces downtime and saves money in the long term.

Regular Servicing

An annual pump truck service is usually enough but harder applications will benefit from more regular visits. It may appear to cost more in the short term but the lifetime cost of the truck will generally be reduced and it sends a message to the operators. You respect them and the equipment they use. Perhaps they’ll return the compliment!

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