We Repair Pallet Trucks

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We repair pallet trucks, in fact we repair any hand pallet truck (if its repairable)!  Every year, thousands of hand pallet trucks are scrapped unecessarily.  Sometimes it’s because companies are unaware that specialist repair companies exist.  Often it’s because fork truck suppliers find it easier to sell a new one!

Any make, any model

Some our customers tell us that they have been offered contracts to repair their trucks only to find that the supplier will only repair trucks of their own manufacture.  Over a short period of time therefore, the fleet is replaced and the potential savings wasted.  Our offer is to repair any hand pallet truck if it is in the interests of our customer.  So what does this mean?

Pallet trucks we do repair:

Most pallet trucks are worth repairing:

  • Trucks that have been built to a high specification should last for years.  Replacing worn out seals, wheels or linkages are likely to extend the life of the truck with considerable savings over buying new.
  • Pallet trucks with unusual fork sizes can cost a lot of money.  It’s often worth spending more heavily on these as the cost of replacement is higher.
  • Pallet trucks waiting to be scrapped can often be made into a fewer number of good working units with real savings over new.
Pallet trucks we don’t repair

There are two reasons we decline to repair an individual truck:

  • The truck is from the cheaper end of the market.  Trucks that are built down to a price are often not worth repairing.  For example, the tolerances in the hydraulics may mean that fitting new seals would be unsuccessful.  This would not be money well spent.
  • The cost of repair isn’t viable compared to the cost of replacement.  The truck may be a from a good manufacturer but it requires so many new parts that repair isn’t cost effective.  This is uncommon but it can happen.

In either case, we’ll recommend buying new.  We’ll be happy to supply but you’re welcome to go elsewhere if you prefer.

How it works

We make it simple.  Contact us and tell us where, when and what needs repairing.  We’ll normally be on site within 2/3 days, all we need is somewhere safe for our engineer to work.  Our vans contain all the tools and parts needed to effect a repair.  In the unlikely event that the truck needs welding, we’ll carry out the work off site for safety reasons.

You’ll then be asked to sign the job sheet.  Later, an invoice will be emailed to you, for immediate settlement please.

That’s it.  No fuss. No hassle.  Just great savings.

See what our customers say

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