Saving Money on Pallet Trucks

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Saving money on pallet trucks may be easier than you think.  There are three alternatives.

Buy new

New pallet truck A few minutes searching on Google will identify a huge range of prices.  If you’re of the opinion that all pallet trucks are the same then you’ll probably go for the cheapest price you can find.  Maybe you’ll look a little deeper and take delivery charges and warranties into account.  Dig a little further and you may find that to claim under warranty you need to return the truck.  However, trying to assess the relative quality of the trucks is very difficult without physically comparing them.

Buy secondhand

Online auction sites usually have a number of used machines available for sale.  Some are from good manufacturers, some not so good. An interesting question may be ‘Why is the truck being sold?’  Most companies dispose of trucks because they’re no longer reliable.  ‘Are you buying somebody else’s problems?’

Have your own trucks repaired

Pallet trucks ready for scrapping Presumably you bought the trucks from new.  They’ve spent their life in your company and hopefully given good service but now they’re broken.  One lifts unevenly, another has seized wheel bearings and there’s also one that’s leaking oil.  They’re probably at the back of the warehouse ready to be thrown away.  We call this Room 101 and we love it!

Ask for an engineer to visit site and make good ones out of bad.  The pump unit on this one works well but the chassis is cracked.  That one is in great condition but there’s a split in the hydraulic cylinder.  There’s one here that needs new wheels and bearings.  Final score?  Two fully working trucks for less than the cost of a new one.  Sounds like half price to me!

If we can’t make them work we’ll tell you and we’ll even service the rest of the fleet while we’re on site.  Preventative maintenance really does pay dividends in the long term.  So is saving money on pallet trucks easy?  Yes it is!

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