Preventative Maintenance for Pallet Trucks Pays Dividends

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Pallet truck maintenance pays dividends because any mechanical equipment benefits from being looked after.

Who benefits?

Retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies, garden centres, wholesalers, universities, hospitals, schools, museums, indeed any organisation using pallet trucks will benefit.  Pallet truck maintenance works, the return on investment (ROI) from regular servicing and repair of your pallet trucks is a vital part of keeping maintenance budgets under control without incresing capital expenditure.  Downtime is reduced, operator satifaction is increased and most important of all; it shows on the bottom line!

The broken window theory.

Our customers tell us that because their pallet trucks are regularly maintained, the operators tend to treat them with more respect.  Good housekeeping in working areas is recognised in many well run companies for exactly the same reason.  Pallet truck maintenance brings similar benefits because we all tend to respect things that are cared for.  The broken window theory is an extreme but excellent example.

Don’t replace, repair

With the price of new pallet trucks rising, they can no longer be treated as disposable items by any cost conscious company. Pallet trucks should be maintained, repaired and inspected regularly thus ensuring that the Operations Director, Health & Safety Manager and Finance Director are all kept happy!  Small jobs on a service visit are included in the cost, so it gets fixed before it becomes a big job!  It’s win, win for only a small investment.

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