Replacement Parts for Pallet Trucks

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Replacement parts for pallet trucks are widely available and their cost is generally not excessive.  Fitting them may appear to be easy but what parts are available?

Modular Design

Pallet trucks have traditionally been designed to enable most individual parts to be replaced.  The alternative is composite parts made up of many smaller ones.  With more expensive trucks traditional design continues to be the case.  Handles, bolts, pump units, trigger cables, connecting chains, thrust bearings etc should be available individually.

Composite Parts

With replacement parts for low cost pallet trucks the trend is being reversed.  Complete handle and pump units are often required, even for minor part failures.  The cost of these parts compared to the cost of a new truck make a replacement appear the better option.

The Throw Away Society

With the current drive towards recycling of everything from plastic to complex equipment, this is a worrying trend.  It’s also unlikely to be cost effective for the user.

Buy well, buy once

A good quality truck probably costs about the same as two cheap ones but fleet costs are likely to be far less year on year.  Regularly serviced, repaired as necessary with small parts, many years reliable use can be expected.  The net result is reflected in an improved bottom line.

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